How Intelligence Will Disrupt
Collaboration and Communications Technology

How Intelligence will Disrupt Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and communications technologies are becoming more seamless thanks to the introduction of intelligent offerings.

Collaboration and communications technologies are evolving to better support how people want to work, or what Aragon calls people-centric collaboration. At the heart of this evolution is intelligence. Some of the disruptive technologies Aragon sees impacting the future of collaboration and communications include:


  • Communications digital assistants (i.e., AI chatbots), with the ability to help schedule or begin a call, start recording, schedule and launch meetings, make adjustments for any encountered errors, or other commands, will help automate engagements and accomplish more tasks.
  • Predictive and cognitive capabilities will enhance social collaboration and allow business leaders to obtain deeper analytics about how their people work and collaborate.
  • Intelligent video rooms—with huge potential for innovation in the next five years—go beyond traditional video conferencing offerings that were dependent on manual input. These offerings can accept voice input, move calls between devices (such as mobile phones), and auto-sense when people are in a room and when they move.
  • Robotic telepresence blends robotics, drones, and video into one category. Robots are intelligent machines that can move around and act upon objects in the real world, either autonomously or via remote control. Use cases include general knowledge workers, manufacturing, military, healthcare, and others. There are major benefits for workers who need to communicate and collaborate in remote, dangerous, or inaccessible places.
  • Intelligent Contact Centers (ICCs) integrate modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies with current contact center functions and workflow to improve the customer sales and support journeys. Adding AI to a contact center can enable faster, more personalized, and more accurate interactions while capturing deeper insights into customer wants and needs.

Use this Special Report to begin evaluating collaboration and communications technologies that will enable your business to better support how your people collaborate inside and outside of the enterprise.

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