What Is Customer Journey Mapping?

The customer journey is the complete sum of the experiences that customers go through when interacting with a company, and in the competitive digital landscape, a positive customer journey is critical.

Customer journey mapping (CJM) technologies deliver crucial insights to organizations looking to identify pain points in their customer experiences faster. The insights provided by these technologies allow organizations to better understand customer behavior and predict future behavior, in order to create a more seamless customer experience.

Our research focuses on how to leverage customer journey mapping methods, techniques, and tools to retain your customer base and attract new clients, and before a major customer experience redesign.

What Is Customer Journey Mapping?

The Key to Improving the Customer Experience

CJM initiatives should accomplish two main goals: enhanced customer journeys and operational effectiveness.

In addition to augmenting underlying operations, with the ability to capture the customer's rational inputs, sentiments, authentic emotions, and responses, organizations are better equipped to future-proof the overall customer experience. This sets the table for profitable customer relationships, perhaps for life.

To understand the key requirements to improving these processes, systems, and touchpoints, watch this exclusive Visual Research video that accompanies our research note, Essential Requirements for Customer Journey Mapping Technology.

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7 Essential Requirements for Customer Journey Mapping

At the core of a great customer experience is the customer journey, and customer journey mapping is essential to identify pain points, collaborate on target maps, and act as an onramp for digital transformation.

Customer Journey Mapping Research

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Justifying Customer Journey Investments
February 26, 2019

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Hot Vendors™ in Customer Journey Mapping, 2018
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The Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ for Customer Journey Mapping, 2019
January 16, 2019

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Place Yourself Properly in Your Customer's Journey

Place Yourself Properly in Your Customer's Journey: The Best Customer Experience Requires the Best Processes
November 6, 2018

Summary: Organizations must leverage customer-first approaches moving forward, as today's customers are more vocal about their experiences with organizational processes, boundaries, and limited channels. Read More >

Customer Journey Mapping Blogs

Only Genius Organizations Can See the Differences in Customer Experiences
December 7, 2018

Due to ease of switching, customers are making experience a key part of the buying criteria, so enterprises are now focusing more on closing the customer experience gap. Read More >

Salesforce Buys MuleSoft and Will Promote Smarter Customer Journeys
April 23, 2018

First Cut: With the growing focus on customer journey mapping technologies in an age of diminishing customer loyalty, MuleSoft's IoT and API capabilities strengthen Salesforce's AI investments toward enhanced customer journeys. Read More >

For Best Results, Balance CRM and CJM
October 31, 2018

While customer relationship management (CRM) provides an inside-out view to optimize an organization's goals, CJM provides an outside-in view to optimize customer goals. Despite the goal conflict, enterprises can balance these in order to provide value on both ends. Read More >

Video Blog: Digital Business and Customer Journeys
March 27, 2018

Aragon CEO Jim Lundy and VP Research Jim Sinur sit down for a fireside chat to discuss how a digital business platform (DBP) can improve customer journeys and integrate with customer journey mapping and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies as part of a digital transformation strategy. Read More >