Justifying Customer Journey Investments: Streamlining Customer Experience Is Essential Today

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Customer experience is supported by a growing investment in customer journeys. Aragon sees a swing towards better customer experiences over delivering fast service or making excellent goods more affordable. The economic value and price differentiation is all about the experience and how it can meld into a customer’s busy and diverse life.

It might seem that we all agree that a great customer experience, represented by customer journeys, is a strategic imperative and maybe even table stakes today. However, those in charge of customer experiences still must convince their organizations that imperative customer journeys are worth the investment. We must convince management that a great customer experience is worth it and not just a nice-to-have.

This means that we need to explore every opportunity to make a strong business case for improved customer experiences. Each organization will have to look deep into its value systems as it is no longer a cultural norm to treat the customer the best way possible; in fact, few organizational charters mention this anymore. Even if corporate charters say that they support this approach, organizational actions rarely follow the charter in recent years.

This research focuses on five areas for improving the customer experience.

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Topics: Customer journey mapping
IssueWhy is customer journey mapping essential to the overall customer experience?
Research Note Number: 2019-6
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Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst


Jim Sinur, VP Research and Aragon Fellow


Samra Anees, Associate Analyst