The Role of the CIO or IT Executive

Chief information officers (CIOs) and IT directors need to keep the enterprise operating in a secure manner while also helping the enterprise digitally transform. The challenge is leveraging technologies that can automate legacy processes or reinvent them in a completely new digital approach.

Adopting the right artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and digital workplace technologies will allow CIOs and IT executives to maintain security and responsibility, simplify management and scalability, and streamline cost of operations.

Our research for CIOs and their teams is strategically focused on providing insights on trends in emerging technologies and the best practices of  how to put them to work in the digital business era. Use our research to optimize your long-term business plan. 

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Key Insights For CIOs and IT Executives

The CIO's role has shifted to require more collaboration between business and IT in order to drive digital transformation. Our actionable insights aim to help CIOs find solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Webinar for CIOs: How To Win The Privacy War

Organizations must understand and act on security risks to ensure their data and their customers’ privacy are protected now and in the future.

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Enterprise Security Checklist

CIOs and IT leaders need to put reliable and effective security measures in place to protect confidential data and information.

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Top 10 Technology Trends That Are Changing In 2020

This guide reviews the top 10 technology trends and categories that are emerging and enabling us to maintain business continuity.

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[Playbook for CIOs] Business Reimagination During COVID-19

COVID-19 recovery remains uncertain, and CIOs must realize that the 'normal' state of business is part of a bygone era.

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[CIO Playbook] Evaluating & Demonstrating IT Investment Performance

As a CIO, you need to define a set of metrics that can be used to evaluate and demonstrate the value of your investments to your leadership team.

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The Aragon Research Technology Arc for Digital Business, 2020

In this Technology Arc, we are specifically focused on technologies organizations should consider when developing, deploying, and evolving digital business solutions.

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Hot Vendors in Security and Privacy, 2020

Aragon has identified 4 vendors in security and privacy that are making a difference in the market.

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A Roadmap for Conversational AI 

Aragon outlines a process to help developers make the right choices when it is time to add a Conversational Interface to a new or existing application.


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Business Outcome-Driven Performance Metrics Framework

This note helps executives and leaders define a set of metrics that can be used to communicate the value of the investments to management, their impact to peers, and inspire their teams.


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5 Cybersecurity Threats CIOs Must Prepare For

This blog will overview threats and how a modern security and privacy platform can keep your enterprise protected.

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What Every CxO Should Learn From this Small Business About Business Transformation

This blog will overview how Aragon helped a small business navigate changes.

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Enterprise Security in 2020: 12 Things To Pay Attention To

This blog will cover 12 aspects of security that you must consider while building your 2020 enterprise security plan, and why they are each important.

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Cyberwar Flashback Part II: China and Hauwei Behind Hacks of Apple, Google, and India

This blog examines the recent hacks of Apple and the older hacks of Google, the country of India, and Motorola.

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