The Role of the CIO or IT Executive

Chief information officers (CIOs) and IT directors need to keep the enterprise operating in a secure manner while also helping the enterprise go digital. The challenge is to leverage technologies that can automate legacy processes or reinvent them in a completely new digital approach.

Adopting the right artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and digital workplace technologies will allow CIOs and IT executives to maintain security and responsibility, simplify management and scalability, and streamline cost of operations.

Our research for CIOs and their teams is focused on providing insights on trends in emerging technologies and the best practices of how to put them to work in the digital business era.

What does a chief information officer (CIO) do?
How does a CIO drive digital business initiatives?

CIOs and a Digital Business Approach

Over time, the CIO's role has shifted to require more collaboration between business and IT in order to drive digital transformation.

In our research and advisory, some of the key issues we address include:

  • How can enterprises leverage new technologies, such as machine learning, to update existing applications?
  • What are the best practices for shifting to a digital business approach?
  • How should enterprises balance new best-of-breed applications versus platforms offered by large technology providers?


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The Aragon Research Analyst Team

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