AI Regulation



AI Regulation

Join the movement for responsible AI implementation by actively utilizing Aragon's U.S. Executive Order on AI: A Framework We All Can Use!

  • If you're a policymaker, integrate the principles of this framework into legislative initiatives.
  • For businesses, adopt and align your AI strategies with the ethical guidelines provided.
  • Developers and tech enthusiasts, incorporate these principles into your AI projects.

Advocate for the framework in your professional circles and educate others on its significance.

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AI Guide



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AI Regulation

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AI Resources and Research


CIOs and IT Governance – Balancing Innovation and Compliance

CIOs are at the heart of an organization’s digital journey. They must strike a delicate balance between driving innovation and ensuring IT and AI governance and compliance.

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Are AI Systems Infallible?

Business and IT leaders must define clear governance guardrails and restrictions on how AI systems should be used in their organization based on their tolerance for risk. The results from AI systems should not be blindly accepted as fact; they must be reviewed like any generated information.

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The European Union Reaches a Provisional Agreement on AI Laws

The EU Parliament and member states have taken the first step to define some regulatory laws regarding the distribution and use of AI.  But, these laws must be viewed as a starting point.

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How Your Org Should Use the U.S. Executive Administration Order on AI as a Framework

Here we summarize the major sections of this executive order and provide actionable advice to government agencies and private sector orgs as to how they must respond to and further develop this framework.

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Betsy Burton, Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow, is a seasoned AI architecture expert at Aragon Research. With a career spanning over three decades, Betsy has been a guiding force for numerous organizations in the public and private sectors. Her expertise lies in technology-enabled business strategies, business architecture, digital business transformation, enterprise architecture, and business capability modeling. Joining Aragon Research in 2019, Betsy is recognized for her profound knowledge in AI tools, strategies, and trends, making her an invaluable resource for Chief AI Officers, CIOs, and executives seeking informed guidance in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence.

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