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What is Digital Labor?

Digital Labor refers to the AI-enabled computer applications that are used to perform goal-driven tasks that had previously or could be otherwise performed in part or in full by humans. Digital labor may emerge as logical entities; embedded in software applications and systems (e.g., chatbots, digital assistants/advisors).

Digital labor may also take a physical form, such as robotics or automotive. The growth and adoption of digital labor will be fast because of the high demand for its ability to make work more efficient and effective.


Adopting AI Assistants Checklist


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Adopting AI Assistants Checklist



AI Resources and Research


Will AI Take Your Job?

Does the evolution of AI into the workplace mean a job desert or a gold rush? The answer, in my view, is neither of these extremes.  But it will absolutely will change the workplace landscape and we must working on understanding and planning for these changes

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The Impact of AI on the Workforce

In this Research Note, we detail the core capabilities of generative AI providers and provide a breakdown of key players in the market and their relative capabilities.  This Note is narrowly scoped to include providers that are delivering services that already leverage AI models to meet business needs.

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10 Digital Labor Workforce Mgmt. Best Practices

AI-enabled digital labor will increasingly be a significant part of any organization’s workforce. Organizations must support all their digital and human labor using cohesive and integrated practices. This collection of best practices is focused on common HR practices that organizations should use to manage their hybrid workforce.

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Differentiating Characteristics of Digital Labor

Deploying and managing digital labor will continue to be very different from traditional technology systems. This means business and IT leaders must make plans and budget for the additional and on-going management of it.

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5 Trends in Digital Labor

Major advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have provided the foundation for digital labor where enterprises benefit from both the augmentation of technology to various human performed tasks (e.g., driving) as well as potential human replacement, especially where chronic staff shortages exist. We offer several key trends.

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Digital Labor: Meet Moxie

Digital labor is here now. I am sure many of you have experienced interactions with digital labor or employed digital labor today. Do not underestimate the training time or account for potential mistakes….and maybe a fall or two.

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The Executive's Guide to AI

The rush to AI is here! With the growing interest in ChatGPT, enterprises are searching for answers on how to put AI to work. Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • AI trends business leaders need to know.
  • Why intelligence matters in every business unit.
  • Demo of how enterprises can leverage Aragon Foresight AI for their business.


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Betsy Burton, Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow, is a seasoned AI architecture expert at Aragon Research. With a career spanning over three decades, Betsy has been a guiding force for numerous organizations in the public and private sectors. Her expertise lies in technology-enabled business strategies, business architecture, digital business transformation, enterprise architecture, and business capability modeling. Joining Aragon Research in 2019, Betsy is recognized for her profound knowledge in AI tools, strategies, and trends, making her an invaluable resource for Chief AI Officers, CIOs, and executives seeking informed guidance in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence.

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