A CEO's Role in the Digital Business Era

The chief executive officer is at the helm of the enterprise, working to better the experience of customers, stockholders, employees, and partners alike.

Today, it is vital that CEOs and their teams have an acute awareness of new technology and new markets, in order to plan for digital transformation, execute their digital business strategy, and outpace their competition. We help executives address issues such as:

  • How do I align going digital with business outcomes?
  • What are the technologies my competitors are leveraging that my enterprise is not?
  • How can I overcome organizational resistance to change?


CEO 300x200 - Chief Executive Officer

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Managing Coronavirus in the Workplace

With the spread of coronavirus, new measures must be put into place to stay safe in the workplace. Our resources offer tips for prevention, health and safety, and how to keep up productivity through the outbreak. Get Help >

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Employee Engagement in 2020: 5 Ways to Get Ahead of Your Competition

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With: Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst

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The Aragon Research Globe for Sales Engagement Platforms, 2019

The market for SEPs continues to grow as sales teams demand easier, faster, and better ways to sell. This research note overviews the major trends and technologies driving this shift.

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The Aragon Research Visual Forecast for Unified Communications, 2017-2023

In the UCC space, Aragon forecasts that there will be increased market consolidation over the next several years, driven by the need for integrated UCC capabilities.

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The Aragon Research Globe for Digital Business Platforms, 2018

This research dives into new and emerging digital solutions—offered through digital business platforms—that will include strong IoT, edge computing, and mobile experience support.

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The Next AI Frontier: From Chatbots to Perceptive Input and Emotive Output

As chatbots rapidly become more sophisticated and expand their capabilities, this research note defines AI chatbots and discusses the technologies driving their evolution.

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Technology Providers Must Make Climate Change A Core Focus

Analysts Betsy Burton and Jim Lundy explore what technology and service providers (TSPs) can do to help their customers respond to and navigate the challenges brought on by climate change.

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Using Metrics To Measure The Business Value Of Your Investment

Metrics can and should be a powerful tool to guide investments in people, processes, information, and technology.


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Digital Wars: FedEx Stops Amazon Deliveries 

Amazon is challenging FedEx by increasing its native delivery capabilities. Jim Lundy discusses the new war for eCommerce and the overall war that all enterprises face in a digital era.

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The Next Evolution in Customer Experience (CX)

This blog explains that if you just think about customer engagement, you risk missing the opportunity to think differently about your business and waste investments due to lack of vision. 

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