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Your Marketing is Doomed Without A Sales Strategy –  Friday April 11th, 10 AM EST


Get your marketing and sales questions answered and then enjoy a cup of coffee afterwards- receive a complimentary gourmet coffee gift card simply by attending our webinar!

Marketing and Sales are the lifeblood of any growing enterprise, yet the biggest mistake most companies make is failing to synergize these two vital business components. Join our CEO Jim Lundy as he discusses the following:

• Why do enterprises Fail (to Grow)?
• What are Sales Methodologies and how are enterprises leveraging them?
• What are the best practices to accelerate growth with Sales and Marketing Synergies?



Analyzing Mobile World Congress – It’s a Wrap Webinar Friday February 28th, 1 PM EST



USA networking

Mobile World Congress had a lot of announcements this week and we have our annual analysis of the event. Good, Lenovo, Huawei, Microsoft and Samsung and many others made announcements. What were they and what is the impact? Join Jim Lundy as he discusses the following:

  • What were the announcements and do they matter?
  • What is the Impact on Enterprises?
  • How can enterprises prepare for and leverage what was announced?




Webinar Playback. Microsoft Buys Nokia’s Phone Business: What it means to your Enterprise.


On September 2nd, Microsoft announced that it was purchasing Nokia’s Phone Business. Just as with their recent purchases of Yammer and Skype, this has major implications for enterprises. join us to learn more about what this means to Microsoft and your enterprise and how you can be prepared for what is coming next.




Old Webinars

Collaboration in the Cloud: Leveraging Mobile to gain a Competitive Advantage

Microsoft Goes Social and Buys Yammer: What it means to your Enterprise 

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