Special Report: Aragon Research Hot Vendors for 2017 (Part III)

Part III of our Hot Vendors for 2017 recognizes new and noteworthy vendors in Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Video, and Visual Collaboration.

Organizations should consider their needs in these three areas and consider replacing or augmenting legacy providers that do not have capabilities such as process management for new digital implementations in the BPM market; a fully digital end-to-end video content process in the Enterprise Video market; or digital whiteboards in the Visual Collaboration market. 

2017 Aragon Research Hot Vendors

Read this Special Report to discover how the Hot Vendors in Business Process Management, Enterprise Video, and Visual Collaboration are supporting the needs of their markets and more. 

The demand for operational efficiency and effectiveness is stronger than ever, so the need for process management for new digital implementations, manual work, and traditional applications is as great as it has ever been in the past. Hot Vendors in Business Process Management are addressing these needs and more.

BP Logix     Camunda     Capital BPM     Minit     Promapp

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Enterprise Video Platforms (EVP) are on the rise, allowing for management of video content in each and every part of the video lifecycle. Our 2017 Hot Vendors in Enterprise Video are making a difference.

Hive Streaming     ilos     movingimage

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Visual Collaboration enables enterprises to collaborate globally and in real-time with existing collaboration and content tools and on digital whiteboards. The traditional analog whiteboard, although useful, is poised to become a thing of the past.

Kaptivo     MURAL     Nureva     Prysm

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