Planning for 2018: Artificial Intelligence in Your Enterprise

Business leaders responsible for planning have to be clear on the potential transformative power of even the newest AI technology, as it could mean a powerful competitive advantage or misstep in strategy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) extends the abilities of its human counterparts and can search, read, understand, and categorize various sets of unstructured data faster than any human or team can. This speed turns AI technology into a transformational opportunity that enterprises cannot afford to ignore.

While Machine Learning is a priority for many enterprises today, looking at customer-facing business processes is where artificial intelligence in business will be focused in the future.

As business complexity only continues to grow beyond standard process and applications in the digital era, CIOs, CDOs (Chief Digital Officers), and other business leaders will need to evaluate which AI technologies fit where in their enterprise.

The compilation of AI research in this Special Report will help enterprises address the dilemma of when and how to evaluate AI technologies that make up software, hardware, and services. Use it as a guide as you experiment with AI technologies in 2017, and as you convert those experiments into production in 2018.

Tech Arc for AI, 2017

This inaugural edition of The Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Artificial Intelligence will help you to identify important AI technologies, choose which technologies to monitor, and determine the potential benefits of each.

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Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, and the Race to Build the Intelligent Enterprise

This research note examines the importance of key emerging technologies on business decision-making from strategy through operations. These technologies include Predictive Analytics and modern Artificial Intelligence technologies—ranging from advanced natural language processing to Deep Learning. This note also examines how these technologies are helping enterprises to speed up business processes, predict outcomes, create more engaging and personalized customer interactions, and ultimately, to recommend the best approach to take when evaluating a business problem.

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Leveraging the Emerging Digital DNA of the Digital Business PlatformThere are significant opportunities that your organization can leverage now—early in the digital era—to drive outcomes, deliverables, and benefits. This research note will explore the five dominant DNA growth strands of the Digital Business Platform, including the AI strand, and identify the value that can be delivered early through adoption.

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