Developing Your Intelligent Enterprise

In 2019, AI is delivering on the long-awaited promise of making the enterprise smarter.

Vendors have capitalized on the opportunity, offering business-ready AI solutions that enterprises can immediately deploy or use to augment or build their own applications. However, not all AI solutions are created equal.

CIOs, CDOs, and other digital transformation leaders need to be wary of how the AI systems they are using are trained to learn and process data to avoid flawed and/or biased results.

The good news is that with the right combination of technologies, such as supervised learning and reinforcement learning, it is possible to defend against bias.

This Special Report aims to assist CIOs with their Intelligent Enterprise strategy by examining emerging artificial intelligence technologies and trends that will impact the enterprise.

developing your intelligent enterprise
AI tech arc 2019

As enterprises become comfortable with basic machine learning, understanding, and applying deep learning algorithms to business applications, AI remains one of the biggest opportunities for digital transformation. This research note will help you understand and identify important AI technologies, and when and how to implement them.


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google cloud SWOT analysis

Google has made significant investments and advances in artificial intelligence (AI). This research note outlines Google Cloud’s AI strategy in the context of its overall corporate strategy, and provides an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of that artificial intelligence strategy for enterprise customers.


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SWOT Analysis: Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy, 2018

Microsoft is already a leading provider of AI tools for developers, a leading integrator of AI technologies internally, and is on a path to become a leading AI-enabled enterprise solutions provider. This research note will help CIOs evaluate Microsoft’s offerings as they look to intelligently transform.

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