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Digital Campus

Digital Campus

A digital campus is a higher education institution that has transformed from a purely physical campus with disparate ways of supporting learning and communicating to one that has enabled a unified, effective communication and collaboration strategy to support students and staff alike. For example, digital campuses give students the opportunity to complete coursework online with advanced computer technology and networking. The digital campus brings together disconnected groups or communities and creates a thriving digital culture. 

The urgency in the shift to the digital campus grew with the COVID-19 pandemic. Students, staff, and faculty alike are facing new challenges in education methods and day-to-day life that will extend far beyond the pandemic era. The main factors driving the shift to the digital campus are: evolving student populations, a changing instruction experience, the need for a local and virtual campus, and concern for safety and security.

One of the first steps in the shift to a digital campus is adopting a communications and collaboration platform. Four key elements for an effective campus communication platform are:

  1. Cloud-based telephony
  2. Enterprise-wide messaging
  3. Video conferencing and meetings
  4. A digital work hub

With no certain future for universities and higher education institutions, the shift to the digital campus is happening quickly.