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Find My File

Since the introduction of "Find My Phone" technology, theft of cellular phones has decreased dramatically. Yet, we still see daily reports of leaked and stolen information from individual government agencies and consumer companies to the broad scale WikiLeaks trove.

Few workers know where the information they create goes after it's delivered to a first party, and large data losses are usually attributed to cybersecurity break-ins. To radically reduce this problem, owners should be able to maintain a "digital leash" on each file that enables the creator to block movement or copying of content. It should be a priority to enable each file to recognize its source (creator), track its location, and report activity to the content owner.

Key Find My File attributes would include contact details, view history, IP addresses that the file has passed through, existence limits (i.e., time before it deletes itself), and more. These DNA-like characteristics would need to be encrypted and could be part of the operating system or part of individually equipped applications.

Additionally, a communication mechanism would need to be in place in these files to report activity to file owners.


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