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Meeting Automation Platform (MAP)

A meeting automation platform (MAP) is an application that automates the management of quantifiable activities associated with pre-meeting planning and logistics, in-meeting monitoring, and post-meeting analysis and follow-up. MAPs can leverage cloud-based deployment, enabling them to scale to keep up with the needs of the most demanding enterprises, from thousands to millions of meetings.

In effect, MAPs are an alternative to traditional calendar tools, enabling successful management of strategic B2B meetings and improving customer journeys.

MAPs deal with the numerous types of meetings that occur in an enterprise. These include—but are not limited to—meetings, briefings, and events/conferences. From automating communications between all parties to the meeting, to monitoring commitments made during the meeting, to analyzing the outcome and managing follow-up activities, a modern MAP can automate multiple tasks and augment the performance of the humans in the loop, too. MAPs should also help enterprises mitigate certain risks by ensuring compliance with regulations relevant to the industry, individuals, and geographies involved (e.g., GDPR).

Adding a modern meeting automation platform to an enterprise application portfolio allows new value to be derived from existing data in customer relationship and marketing automation applications, improves the quality of data in personal calendars and throughout the ecosystem, and eliminates costly errors associated with meeting management that relies on spreadsheets.

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MAPs will help to streamline the upfront part of a customer journey (pre-sales) and manage ongoing customer interactions. As such, MAPs will soon be on the critical path for competitive digital enterprises.

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By taking the manual work out of meeting, briefing, and conference scheduling and planning, meeting automation platforms make meetings and conferences more efficient and effective in order to improve customer journeys and B2B interactions.