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Robotic Telepresence

Robotic telepresence blends robotics, drones, and video into one category.

Robots are intelligent machines that can move around and act upon objects in the real world, either autonomously or via remote control. Devices can now move autonomously and have embedded video systems (screen, camera, microphone, and speakers) to allow people in other locations to participate in remote office activities, perform industrial inspections, and go into hazardous areas.

Use cases include general knowledge workers, manufacturing, military, healthcare, and others. Increasingly, cameras themselves are remotely controlled to provide robotic surveillance capabilities in scenarios involving physical security.

Representative Vendors: Boeing, DJI, Double, Fellow, Intel, InTouch Health, iRobot, Kespry, Northrup Grumman Systems, PrecisionHawk, Revolve Robotics, senseFly, TE Connectivity, Suitable Technologies, and VGo.