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Text Analytics

Text Analytics—sometimes called Text Mining—refers to the identification of abstract concepts within or computations about text data. The concepts can include the identification of explicit meaning, as discussed previously in our profile of Natural Language Understanding (e.g. using semantic analysis and statistical methods to infer that the word “cold” refers to a medical condition in a sentence about a person having flu symptoms, but “cold” refers to an unpleasant temperature when used in a sentence about a beach vacation.

Text Analytics can also be used at a higher level of abstraction to infer the emotional state and demographic information about the author based on word usage. In this case, the analysis focuses on why something is said in a particular way, rather than attempting to capture what was meant literally.

At the lowest level of abstraction, text analytics can report on word usage, identification of facts, and relationships or patterns.

Representative Vendors: ABBYY, Altilia Group, Amazon Comprehend, Amenity Analytics,, IBM, Kaypok, Lexalytics, Luminoso Technologies, Medallia, Microsoft Azure, NICE, Rosette Text Analytics, and