Hot Vendors in Content Management and Collaboration, 2013

Author: Jim Lundy                                                                    Date: April 28, 2013
Topics: Content Management, Collaboration                  Research Note Number: 2013-15

Issue: How is content management evolving?
Issue: Who are the collaboration providers and how will they evolve?

Summary: Content management and collaboration continue to be in high demand in enterprises. Cloud delivery models give IT and business buyers expanded options.

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Tablets and increased computing power are fueling a demand for better ways to access, share and collaborate on content. At the same time, enterprises have legacy content management applications that overlap each other and remain in place due to complex workflow or records management requirements.

Content Management

In content management, the shift is toward the business user, business applications and mobile. Cloud content management is emerging and growing fast. New ways of authoring are also emerging, as are extensions to legacy offerings, particularly those that add to and extend the capabilities of Microsoft Office.

Today users want more than just to store content in the cloud and access it from anywhere. First, whatever they do, they want to do from their mobile devices, no matter where they are or what else they are doing. They also need quick, easy and transparent ways to connect to anyone they want to share the content with, whether inside or outside their enterprises, with access and authentication set-up so that teams can be flexible and respond to the real world in real time.

The rise of tablets and the demand to share content have led to the growth of cloud file sharing and cloud content management. Many consumer-focused services have grabbed the attention of business users. That said, a new set of emerging offerings do it in a highly secure way. Accellion and Watchdox, two vendors in this Hot Vendor report, represent this trend.

On top of that, the growing number of SaaS (software as a service) applications that need content integrated with them is creating a significant opportunity for cloud content management providers that integrate with those offerings. Two of the Hot Vendors mentioned below do just that.

This research note is not intended to be a complete list of vendors in the markets being discussed. It does highlight vendors that have interesting, cutting-edge products, services or technologies. (See the footnote on Page 1 for our warranty disclaimer.)

For 2013, we selected six hot vendors in content management and collaboration:

  • Accellion
  • Alfresco
  • Percussion
  • SpringCM
  • ViewDo Labs
  • WatchDox

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