Hot Vendors in Mobile App Development Platforms and Services, 2015

Author: Jim Lundy
Date: July 16, 2015
Topic: Mobile
Research Note Number: 2015-26

Issue: Who are the Mobile providers and how will they evolve?

Summary: Mobile App Development Platforms are fueling the development of next-generation mobile apps. Our 2015 Hot Vendors in Mobile App Development Platforms and Services are helping enterprises overcome the challenge of going Mobile First.

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Mobile Apps and Digital Transformation
One of the fastest ways to speed up and digitize a business is to
make the business processes easier and simpler. Mobile apps
play their part, because when done right, they can be focused on
accomplishing a set of tasks that the user wants or needs to do.
The challenge is that there are still many ways to develop apps
and not all of them represent the right way forward.
Getting It Right
The race to make an enterprise digital often hits front and center
with legacy applications. Many of these require users to sit at a
PC or laptop – they were not designed for people on the go. Initial
attempts to mobilize them were often slow, a common problem
with first-generation mobile apps.