Hot Vendors in Social and Ideation, 2012

Hot Vendors


Authors: Jim Lundy, Mike Anderson

Date: June 28, 2012

Topic: Social Software

Research Note Number: 2012-18

Issue:  Who are the social software providers and how will they navigate a crowded market??

Summary: Aragon Research reviews three hot vendors in social marketing and ideation for 2012.

In every market, there are always vendors with compelling offerings, products or both who are not yet on the enterprise radar. Perhaps because they are new or just small, they don’t yet have market awareness. Aragon Research is constantly looking for vendors that can provide our clients with helpful solutions.

Social as a category is a hot market and as social software matures, multiple categories are emerging. For 2012 we identified hot vendors in two fields: social marketing and idea management.


This research note is not intended to be a complete list of vendors in the markets being discussed. It does highlight vendors that have interesting, cutting-edge products, services, or technologies. See footnote below for warranty disclaimer.

For 2012, we selected three hot vendors from the social software sector:

  • ReadyPulse
  • Shoutlet
  • Spigit

Social Marketing

Understanding what is happening in the social media space is critical for any marketing department. Unfortunately, many tools still just track what people are saying about you on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. However, a few hot vendors have gone beyond monitoring social media to provide full-blown social marketing tools. We think these two are worthy of a mention.

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