Predictions for Collaboration, 2015: The Disruptive Impact of Cloud and Mobile

Authors: David Mario Smith, Jim Lundy                           Date: December 24, 2014
Topic: Collaboration                                                     Research Note Number: 2014-55

Issue: What trends will affect the future of collaboration in the enterprise?

Summary: Collaboration is seeing unprecedented convergence because of mobility and the cloud. Planners should understand future trends, and focus on work styles and desired business outcomes when evaluating technology. 

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Predictions for Collaboration, 2015

  • By YE 2016, more than 75% of enterprises will require mobile collaboration solutions for their increasingly mobile workers. To meet this need, 60 percent of collaboration providers will offer mobile solutions with social capabilities and mobile-first UI designs.
  • By YE 2017, 50% of collaboration solutions will support structured collaboration, which focuses on outcomes and multiple business workflows.
  • Through YE 2016, fewer than 30% of enterprises will have an end-to-end strategy for managing video throughout its lifecycle.
  • By YE 2018, cloud-based real-time solutions will be the dominant way to connect on-premises and cloud-based applications and conferencing systems.

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