Predictions for HCM and Talent Management, 2015: The Shift To Employee Engagement

Authors: Jim Lundy, David Mario Smith                         Date: December 30, 2014
Topic: Social HCM                                                       Research Note Number: 2014-57

Issue: What are the trends affecting HCM?

Summary: HR is at a crossroads, with explosive technologies like predictive analytics, machine learning and video impacting core work processes. Add to that a growing contingent workforce, and HR has to develop new management strategies.

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Predictions for HCM and Talent Management, 2015:

  • By YE 2016, 40 percent of large enterprises will use predictive hiring to accelerate the acquisition of top candidates.
  • BY YE 2017, video learning will become the primary method for informal learning, and challenge traditional means of delivering knowledge.
  • By 2016, the need to manage a contingent workforce will become a top HR priority, as it continually expands to include partners and the supply chain.
  • Through YE 2016, line-of-business managers will increasingly procure tools and services to help them manage their part of the workforce.
  • Through 2016, enterprises will need to take significant steps to bolster workplace and information security to protect their people from a physical and online perspective.


HR is being redefined by the converging forces of predictive analytics, video learning, a contingent workforce and a renewed focus on employee engagement. Digital business has disrupted HR and HR processes. Enterprise HR organizations are creating digital innovation boards to standardize processes in light of this disruption. In this research note, we discuss these trends as they affect the hiring and recruiting process.

HR organizations are facing a competitive market for talent, and the talent is currently winning. Enterprises need better analytics about candidates to ensure they are the best fit for the organization. They have to manage a cross-functional recruiting process, with an increasingly contingent workforce that includes partners and suppliers as well as consultants and contractors. It takes standardized processes and competencies to deal with all this, and many HR departments are getting help from outside services and consultants.

HR faces other challenges as well. Physical workplace issues such as security require strategies for creating a safe and inviting work environment. Learning has been revolutionized with video, as the number of informal video tutorials increases, and HR has to implement video content management strategies to govern it.

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