Predictions for Mobile, 2015: Mobile-First Apps and the Imperative to Protect the Enterprise

Authors: Jim Lundy, David Mario Smith
Date: December 30, 2014
Topic: Mobile
Research Note Number: 2014-58

Issue: What trends affect mobile computing?

Summary: Mobile is poised to continue disrupting the workplace, as mobile-first apps are launched that alter the traditional ways of conducting business. At the same time, enterprises are taking steps to protect the enterprise from a mobile perspective.


Predictions for Mobile, 2015

  • By YE 2015, only 35% of enterprises will have launched mobile first apps as part of a product or service offering.
  • Through 2018, 75% of service businesses will be disrupted due to the introduction of mobile-first apps.
  • By YE 2016, IoT will become a strategic imperative that will be used to enhance existing services.
  • By YE 2016, 40% of enterprises will geofence their critical office buildings.
  • By YE 2015, due to increased cyber warfare, 50% of enterprises will make mobile security for devices, content, apps and access part of an overall security imperative.
  • By YE 2015, mobile app management will become more critical to enterprises as the use of mobile apps increases.

Note: This is part of Aragon’s archived research.
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