Shift from Content Management to Intelligent Content Analytics: Automate the Process of Understanding Your Content

The era of enterprise content management (ECM) focused heavily on storing and managing data. While this process is still important, it is time to take a step beyond content management and towards content analytics.

The lack of innovation from existing ECM providers is one of the reasons we see intelligent content analytics (ICA) becoming a driving force in almost every content-intensive business unit in the enterprise.

Yesterday’s ECM-focused tools and processes are outdated and must be augmented with content analytics in order to leverage data, satisfy customers, and drive revenue growth.

Content Management to ICA

ICA uses artificial intelligence to allow enterprises to extract valuable data and information from their content, leading to faster and more informed decisions. The amount of content that enterprises create and manage is growing, and ICA should be used to leverage content rather than leaving it unstructured and underutilized. ICA capabilities will also help you shift to a fully digital enterprise as the process of understanding content becomes automated through AI technologies. Aragon identifies five key use cases for ICA: contract analytics, financial compliance analytics, corporate legal analytics, sales engagement, and marketing. 

There are three major categories of ICA:

  • Document analytics: used to understand and analyze enterprise documents to drive more insightful decision-making via predictive analytics
  • Voice analytics: allows enterprises to leverage conversations as a tool for improving efficiency and customer understanding
  • Image and video analytics: adds sense and structure to visual data to provide situational context and metadata

Each category gives enterprises insights that help them transform user experience, improve customer experience, and improve efficiency of business processes, overall leading to increased revenue. 

Business leaders should use this special report to learn how to begin planning for document analytics, voice analytics, and image and video analytics in their enterprise.

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This note explores the potential benefits and challenges of the emerging market of voice analytics tools. Voice is an underutilized resource that, when successfully leveraged, can offer significant value for enterprises. The conversations that take place between businesses and clients today are packed with information that can be used as valuable feedback for enterprises when analyzed successfully.

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Image and video analytics is an emerging technology that is being leveraged in several businesses today and is poised to take off in the near future. However, not everyone understands image and video analytics and how it’s used, which deters them from knowing if it can be deployed to enhance their business. In this note, we will define image and video analytics and its features.

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Document analytics is a major part of intelligent content analytics. It allows enterprises to understand and analyze their documents and contracts to drive better and more insightful decision-making via predictive analytics. In this note, Aragon has selected three Hot Vendors who are making an impact in the area of document analytics.

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