Social HCM: The Future Is Now

Author: Jim Lundy                                                               Date: February 6, 2014
Topic: Social HCM                                                     Research Note Number: 2014-03

Issue: How will social HCM technology evolve?           

Summary: A new era is unfolding in the enterprise. The age of the empowered business user is here. Next-generation HCM applications are meeting the needs of these users by enabling better engagement, not just by tracking it.

To get work done in an enterprise, it has always been a challenge
to get people to work as a team. The modern workforce is
changing, and in human capital management (HCM) the huge
needs for finding, recruiting, onboarding and engaging people
have never been more apparent.
A new era is emerging: the era of engaged business professionals
who know how to get their work done and, when faced with a
challenge, can tap into their knowledge base to find the answers.
This knowledge base is filled with data from internal and external
sources. The new era of human resources recognizes this and is
shifting to an engagement model.

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