Special Report: Optimize the Digital Workplace by Shifting to Work Platforms

The Digital Workplace is placing new demands on business users and managers. When it comes to collaboration and knowledge sharing in the enterprise, fostering productivity can be a challenge. Seamless workflows are being interrupted by disparate applications and analog procedures that slow down the process of getting work done, sharing information, and finding and generating content. These challenges have led to the rise of Work Platforms, aimed at providing business users with a digitally-enabled work experience.

Work Platforms help individuals manage work as well as teams and groups. They are capable of significantly more than just tracking tasks, which today is the primary capability that will evolve over time. Sophisticated work platforms will enable digital workflows and automated document generation. Real-time analytics generated by these platforms will provide managers and senior executives with the critical operational visibility they need in order to continually improve business results. This Special Report contains carefully selected research that will help you become more familiar with Work Platforms, the providers offering them, and how you can get started.

Workflow and Content Automation: The Smart Way Forward


WCA cover large - Special Report: Optimize the Digital Workplace

As the speed of business accelerates, Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) represents the consolidation of traditional workflow and content generation into a new category to support the needs of a Digital Business. WCA solutions accelerate how quickly information flows between enterprises, people, and important business systems (like Salesforce, NetSuite, Workday, Box, and SharePoint) to accelerate process cycle times and increase accuracy. Learn more about how WCA is helping enterprises to more fully automate their document workflow and business tasks.

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The Aragon Research Globe for Social Software: Shifting to Work and Outcomes


social globe cover 231x300 - Special Report: Optimize the Digital WorkplaceBusiness users are looking to consolidate their work tools, a trend that has proliferated not just the collaboration and communications market, but the sales enablement market as well. Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) providers are responding to this trend by developing a keener focus on work, and are beginning to shift their offerings to being Work Platforms. Activity feeds are giving way to true Mobile Collaboration capabilities, and Machine Learning is being leveraged to help people find what they want faster. This research note analyzes 21 providers who each focus on the core problem of sharing knowledge. 

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The Future of UCC and the Rise of Platforms: Making Communications and Collaboration Part of the New Work Experience


cover 1 232x300 - Special Report: Optimize the Digital WorkplaceBusiness users are seeking out real-time collaboration solutions to allow them to switch between modalities seamlessly without having to use isolated applications. The UCC platform brings together all of the key elements needed to share knowledge and be productive. The key elements of the platform will include Voice, Video, Collaboration, and Messaging to allow for an integrated work experience. Learn how to get started with a UCC platform by reading this research note.

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