Special Report: Your 2020 Customer and Employee Journey Strategy Must Include Video

As we enter the era of Intelligence, the rationale for using more video starts with delivering better employee and customer journeys. As you set goals for the new year, you must keep in mind the transformative potential of enterprise video in regards to your customer and employee journey strategy.

Video is a game changer when it comes to the employee journey, from attracting and keeping talent to improving employee engagement. Digital enterprises are leveraging video at every point in the employee journey to promote employee engagement—this includes recruiting, onboarding, and continued learning and development of employees. While the current focus tends to be on recruiting, it really needs to be on the entire lifecycle of the employee. Employee engagement should start and end with video content. Video learning is becoming the go-to method for learning and helping employees succeed in their specific roles.

Video is also key in the customer journey and customer engagement. The demand for content is growing, and video contributes to meeting that demand. Customers want answers faster, and video content such as how-to videos allow customers the independence to troubleshoot their problems faster without having to rely on support alone.

Customer and Employee Journey

When it comes to implementing video into your digital enterprise, the need to focus on the different use cases associated with both employee and customer journeys may dictate your vendor selection criteria. This special report offers research that can guide you in the right direction when it comes to how your specific enterprise should go about finding the right vendors and utilizing enterprise video to its full potential to improve employee and customer journeys.

The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video

The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video examines 15 providers in a market that is growing as the need for richer customer journeys is enhanced by video. Enterprise video is proving to be a critical asset to the digital enterprise and is on a collision course with digital asset management.

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The Rise of Video Learning

This research note overviews video learning and provides analysis on why it is becoming one of the key components of a digital enterprise. Video learning, while part of an overall approach to learning, is a game changer when it comes to empowering employees with knowledge.

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The Aragon Research Globe for UCC 2019

The Aragon Research Globe for Unified Communications and Collaboration identifies the new elements of UCC (many involving video), how enterprises can plan for the shift to multi-modal communications, and evaluates fourteen major providers in the market.

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