Video Learning on the Rise: Five Critical Elements You Need

Authors: David Mario Smith, Jim Lundy                                      Date: December 8, 2014
Topics: Learning, Content Management                              Research Note Number: 2014-49

Issue: What technologies will be used to capture and share enterprise knowledge?
Issue: How will content management support new technologies such as video?

Summary: Video learning is surging in the enterprise, due to the ease and lower cost of creating and sharing content. We identify the five critical elements needed to achieve video learning success in the enterprise.

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The hard currency of any enterprise is the knowledge in the minds of its workers. Capturing that knowledge and passing it on is a crucial competitive advantage and a source of innovation. A lot of it is tacit knowledge, which in most cases is better caught than taught. Video provides a way to capture this knowledge in its purest form. Watching someone perform a task or process can be more powerful than having that person tell you how it’s done. In this research note, we identify the five key elements required for video learning in the enterprise (see Note 1):

  • Video capture
  • Video transcription and annotation, including tagging via certified experts
  • Advanced collaboration video discussion
  • Video search
  • Video sharing and playback (store or portal)

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