Video Portals: Why You Need an ‘Enterprise YouTube’

Author: David Mario Smith
Date: July 2, 2014
Topics: Collaboration, Content Management
Research Note Number: 2014-29

Issue: What are the trends affecting collaboration in the enterprise?
Issue: How will the content management market evolve to support new technologies such as video?

Summary: Enterprises faced with increasing amounts of video content should build video portals to centrally upload, manage and deliver it.

As we ponder the video landscape, the recent moves by vendors such as Kaltura, Qumu, Sonic Foundry and VBrick in video content management represent a trend towards looking strategically at managing the increasing amount of enterprise video content. It is also a trend toward developing a space and a portal for surfacing video content where it can be searched and streamed. In this research note, we will discuss the importance of building an enterprise YouTube or video portal for video content.

Video Growth

In an increasingly real-time world, video consumption is growing rapidly as people access it in nontraditional ways such as the Internet and on mobile devices. The millions of clips on YouTube prove that they also enjoy creating video and sharing it as much as watching it, now that they have the means and opportunity to do so. As the learning curve and investments in time, preparation and equipment have gone down, more and more people are utilizing video and bringing it into the workplace.

Note: This is part of Aragon’s archived research.
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