Toolkit for Segmenting Office Users and Authoring Tools

Author: Jim Lundy
Date: July 31, 2012
Topic: Content Management
Research Note Number: 2012-T3

Issue: What are the best practices for creating and managing content across the enterprise?

Summary: This toolkit lets you classify office suite users based on how much authoring power they use. You can cut costs by giving each user only the tools they need.

The emergence of low-cost authoring tools has cut the cost of outfitting a knowledge worker by up to an order of magnitude. This toolkit provides a simple way to lower a firm’s investment in office productivity tools by analyzing which users have what authoring needs. Instead of giving every worker a costly desktop office suite, planners can segment the workforce into groups based on how much of the suite they actually use. Once this segmentation is done, the toolkit will help you predict what you can save by giving some workers lower-cost tools or services that still meet their needs.

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