Toolkit for Apple Macs in the Enterprise: Seven Steps to Success

Author: Jim Lundy                        Date: February 15, 2012

Topics: Workplace   Research Note Number: 2012-T1

Issues: What are the technologies and architectures that enterprises should leverage in the workplace?

What are the best practices for enabling a high productivity work environment?


It started out as a trend in 2006-2008 and has now become a movement. Enterprises are waking up to the fact that Apple devices are everywhere in their workplace. The Apple Macintosh and, more significantly, iPhones and iPads are being introduced into the enterprise in record numbers. What may surprise most is how well they fit in. This research toolkit provides seven things that have to be addressed when you bring Macs into your enterprise. They include:

  • Procurement. How to select and purchase Apple products.
  • Hardware Configuration. Choosing the devices you plan to acquire.
  • Software Configuration. Choosing and using the right applications.
  • Support and Maintenance. Getting help taking care of your Macs.
  • Backup. How to avoid the worst thing in the world.
  • Fleet Management. Updates, upgrades and keeping them synchronized.
  • End User Training. Getting users up to speed with a minimum of downtime.

This Toolkit explains how these topics will influence the impact of introducing Macs into the workplace.

See also the Aragon Case Study entitled Long-Term Mac Experience Proves Reliability and Performance. 


This Toolkit provides an overview of some steps you can take when deciding to introduce Apple products into the workplace, particularly the Macintosh PC and laptop. A companion piece is the Case Study research note entitled Long-Term Mac Experience Proves Reliability and Performance.

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