Special Report: Aragon Research Hot Vendors™ for 2018 (Part III)

Part III of our Hot Vendors for 2018 recognizes noteworthy, visionary, and innovative vendors in blockchain, customer journey mapping, intelligent contact center, and learning.

Read this Special Report to discover how these Hot Vendors are helping to transform their markets.

hot vendor 2018

The number of blockchain providers is growing rapidly and many enterprises are conducting blockchain pilots. Our four Hot Vendors exemplify how to put blockchain technology to use in innovative ways that have the potential to radically change the business landscape.

Chainalysis     Chainlink     Harbor     Symbiont

Hot Vendors in Blockchain, 2018



Customer journey mapping (CJM) is essential for enhancing customer experiences, which in turn, can lead to improved customer loyalty, assuming the services or products offered by an organization are competitive. These three Hot Vendors in CJM provide methods, techniques, and tools that give enterprises an outside-in view of their customer experiences and processes.

Axellience     Signavio     UXPressia

Hot Vendors in Customer Journey Mapping, 2018



For contact centers, it has become increasingly important to integrate various modes of communication and technologies that support customer journeys. In this research note, Aragon identifies three Hot Vendors that exemplify these market shifts.

Talkdesk     Twilio     UJET

Hot Vendors in Intelligent Contact Center, 2018



The learning market is experiencing a shift to modern learning, as the demand for video and other robust learning content begins to surge. These five Hot Vendors are enabling this trend by encouraging user engagement, retention, and more efficient application of knowledge.

Content Raven     CrossKnowledge     PlayerLync     Pluralsight     SpeachMe

Hot Vendors in Learning, 2018