Special Report: Aragon Research Hot Vendors™ for 2018 (Part IV)

Part IV of our Hot Vendors for 2018 recognizes noteworthy, visionary, and innovative vendors in communications and collaboration, intelligent content analytics (ICA) for image and video, marketing automation (MA), robotic process automation (RPA), team collaboration, and workflow and content automation (WCA).

Read this Special Report to discover how these Hot Vendors are helping to transform their markets.

hot vendor 2018

Communications and collaboration is evolving as an integrated platform offering. Emerging providers are looking to replace legacy ones with new capabilities or a better offer, and these five Hot Vendors are enabling the shift toward omnichannel communications.

Beezy     DialSource     FlatFrog     Igloo     ZiipRoom

Hot Vendors in Communications and Collaboration, 2018



Unstructured content is often a huge untapped resource that enterprises could be taking advantage of as part of their digital transformation strategies. Our four Hot Vendors enable enterprises to turn this data into actionable insights and better understand how products or services are experienced in their respective markets.

Affectiva     Ever AI     HapYak     Valossa

Hot Vendors in Intelligent Content Analytics for Image and Video, 2018



After 2010, marketing automation exploded onto the scene and has become the cornerstone of how marketing departments attract, nurture, and qualify leads. These three promising providers in marketing automation offer the ability to customize pipelines, build campaign strategies, and track qualified leads.

Act-On     ContactPigeon     GetResponse

Hot Vendors™ in Marketing Automation, 2018



The robotic process automation (RPA) market is an emerging and evolving market that promises tactical results while positioning organizations for strategic efforts. In this research note, Aragon identifies four Hot Vendors that exemplify RPA's growing role in automation efforts.

Another Monday     Contextor     Jacada     Kryon

Hot Vendors in Robotic Process Automation, 2018



Team collaboration will become a larger part of the digital workplace landscape, offering broad appeal and providing increasing levels of machine integration. These three Hot Vendors are enabling this trend by expanding the productivity ecosystem and facilitating teamwork.

Forsta     Mattermost     Symphony

Hot Vendors in Team Collaboration, 2018



Workflow and content automation is poised to consolidate the legacy technology markets of business process management and customer communications management. WCA is a key part of a content-focused digital business initiative, and these two Hot Vendors enable enterprises to automate business-critical document processes.

HyperScience     ProcessMaker

Hot Vendors in Workflow and Content Automation, 2018