AI Platform Architecture

AI Platform Architecture


What is AI Platform Architecture? 

AI integration, platform and architecture is a business, people, process, information and technology issue; not just a technology issue. AI is quickly becoming pervasive. Business and IT leaders must understand its benefits and opportunities, as well as their need to define governance, security, guidelines and guardrails.

AI Platform Architecture typically refers to the underlying structure and components of a system designed to support and implement artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Here are four key aspects of AI Platform Architecture:

  • Data Ingestion and Storage
  • Model Development and Training
  • Inference and Deployment
  • Scalability and Performance Optimization



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AI Platform Architecture

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The Executive's Guide to AI

The rush to AI is here! With the growing interest in ChatGPT, enterprises are searching for answers on how to put AI to work. Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • AI trends business leaders need to know.
  • Why intelligence matters in every business unit.
  • Demo of how enterprises can leverage Aragon Foresight AI for their business.


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Betsy Burton, Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow, is a seasoned AI architecture expert at Aragon Research. With a career spanning over three decades, Betsy has been a guiding force for numerous organizations in the public and private sectors. Her expertise lies in technology-enabled business strategies, business architecture, digital business transformation, enterprise architecture, and business capability modeling. Joining Aragon Research in 2019, Betsy is recognized for her profound knowledge in AI tools, strategies, and trends, making her an invaluable resource for Chief AI Officers, CIOs, and executives seeking informed guidance in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence.

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