The Aragon Research Globe™ for Web and Video Conferencing, 2015

Table of Contents


Cloud and Mobile Cause Convergence in Real-Time Collaboration Digitizing Workspaces
The Market is Consolidating
The Race to 4K and High Quality HD Video
How to Use This Globe
Aragon Research Globe Overview
Dimensions of Analysis
The Four Corners of the Globe Inclusion Criteria
Figure: The Aragon Research GlobeTM for Web and Video Conferencing, 2015
Aragon Advisory
Bottom Line

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Aragon Research Globe for Web and Video Conferencing Overview

The 2015 Aragon Research Globe for web and video conferencing examines 22 major providers in the market. 

This research note discusses the key trends in Web and Video Conferencing. It dives into the WVC and evaluates why enterprises need to move forward with some of the capabilities offered by providers.

Emerging use cases make real-time collaboration a strategic imperative that requires proper planning and execution. As higher resolution video comes online, remote workers will feel more connected to their counter parts, even when half-way around the world.


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Aragon Research Globe for Web and Video Conferencing, 2015

Understanding the Major Players in Web and Video Conferencing

DMS Mini PicJL Mini PicDecember 28, 2015
Author: David Mario Smith and Jim Lundy
Research Note Number: 2015-51
Length: 22 Pages

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