The 2015 Aragon Research Predictions Roundup: 32 You Can’t Miss

Authors: Jim Lundy, David Mario Smith                        Date: January 31, 2015
Topic: Workplace                                                       Research Note Number: 2015-01

Issue: What are the trends affecting the workplace?

Summary: In 2014, Aragon Research published 6 research notes containing 32 predictions for 2015 on the evolution of trends that will transform the workplace during the next five years. This note summarizes all of them. 

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The tech sector has moved from something that only IT departments care about to become a fabric that weaves through all of our lives. Business-unit leaders now have their own tech budgets and make independent technology buying decisions. In some organizations, the CMO now has a bigger technology budget than the CIO or CTO. This constantly changing environment brings uncertainty to enterprise planners across all business domains. Having deeper insights to trends and foresight of what is on the horizon is crucial to business success.

Use this report as a guide to all the changes we are predicting in the workplace. They affect all lines of business. We published 32 predictions in six research notes focused on the following workplace domains:


Note: This is part of Aragon’s archived research. Please visit our Coverage Areas page to view our most recent content.

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