Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Mobile, 2015

Authors: Jim Lundy, David Mario Smith

Date: March 27, 2015

Topic: Mobile

Research Note Number: 2015-09

*This is part of our archived research. For new research, please see our Research Page.

Issue: What technologies and architectures make up a mobile ecosystem?

Issue: What are the trends affecting mobile computing?

Summary: Aragon Research presents its 2015 Technology Arc for mobile technologies. This edition features 33 technologies pertinent to the mobile domain.

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The workplace is undergoing fundamental changes, with people increasingly mobile in an increasingly virtual work environment. The technologies that make a difference are those that can deliver information securely to mobile users and empower them to contribute to the business process as fully as their colleagues on other platforms.

Wherever people are, mobile devices, cloud services, social networks and video give them access to each other and help to nullify distance and time barriers in a more intelligent, more collaborative workplace focused on people in it and the business activities they engage in.

Today, it’s normal for most professionals to carry more than one mobile device. The era of IoT has allowed people to collaborate and stay connected on the go, while also enabling information to be accessed anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Work is done more often than not outside the office, and new technologies have arisen to both enhance this mobile working experience that we have all become familiar with. This fourth edition of the Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Mobile will help you to identify important technologies, choose which technologies to monitor, and determine the potential benefits of each. Additionally, this report adds extra dimensions that will help you decide when, why, and how you should adopt these technologies.

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