Special Report: The New Frontier of Collaboration: Chatbots, Messaging, and Video

In 2017, collaboration technologies have moved beyond the bounds of text-based and desktop-based knowledge sharing and are evolving into faster, lifelike tools that take advantage of technologies such as machine learning and video. Business users are seeking more immediate and personal ways of collaborating, and technologies such as messaging and 4K video will need to become standard features of collaboration providers to keep up with these demands. Demands have also been placed on knowledge and content sharing—key elements of collaboration—to speed up significantly. Digital assistants, with the first phase being rolled out as chat bots, will accelerate the speed of these two areas.

This Special Report highlights three research notes that overview the current state of the collaboration market, where the technologies are headed, and what you should look for as you evaluate providers to ensure they have a roadmap for the new frontier of collaboration.

The Aragon Research Tech Spectrum for Mobile Collaboration, 2017: Messaging at the Center of Collaboration

Tech Spectrum cover border - Special Report: The New Frontier of Collaboration: Chatbots, Messaging, and VideoMobile collaboration is not new but what is new is the increasingly aggressive demand for faster and more immediate communications capabilities. Messaging, the core of mobile collaboration, solves the needs of this demand, and as such, is becoming a top priority in the enterprise. But enabling collaboration via mobile is not enough—it also needs to be secure.

In this research note, we provide an update on the mobile collaboration market and how technologies such as chat bots and digital assistants are poised to disrupt the collaboration market by accelerating knowledge delivery and automating tasks, all while interfacing with humans in a lifelike way. The Tech Spectrum also evaluates 16 major providers, some of which are already offering these next-generation technologies.

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Predictions for Enterprise Video, 2017

enterprise video cover border - Special Report: The New Frontier of Collaboration: Chatbots, Messaging, and VideoVideo is not only poised to become a dominant content type in the enterprise by the end of 2018, but will revitalize collaboration with remote teams. Remote teams that use video will have better engagement and because of better communications, they will reach a business outcome faster.

The same goes for interactions with customers. When you can’t meet face-to-face, HD video conferencing makes the experience more personal, almost as if you are both in the same room. This research note overviews four key predictions that will impact what your enterprise does with video through year 2022.

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The Aragon Research Globe for Social Software, 2016

social globe cover border - Special Report: The New Frontier of Collaboration: Chatbots, Messaging, and Video

Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs), or communities, as they’re sometimes called, are shifting as workers are seeking new and easier ways of sharing knowledge. There are many enterprises that still struggle with the purpose of an ESN, while others have harnessed this collaborative technology to enable knowledge sharing across the enterprise.

A community acts as a knowledge network that combines content, information, and tacit knowledge (expertise that people know). Enterprises that have harnessed this power of social collaboration have done so by having clear use cases and active communities. Going forward, the challenge for enterprises will be getting the right information to knowledge workers who may be on the go. This research note serves as a guide to some of the current social software providers and outlines capabilities that these providers should have in the near future, such as video and digital assistants.

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