Create Better Digital Experiences – Or Risk Losing Your Customers

Author: David Mario Smith
Date: March 27, 2015
Topic: Digital Business
Research Note Number: 2015-10

Issue: How can enterprises migrate to a digital business to gain a competitive advantage?

Summary: Creating a better digital experience involves mixing technology with awareness and a people-first business approach to customer engagement.

One major effect of the digital business transformation is a renewed focus on the user experience. This is why we’ve moved from static content on conventional web sites to holistic digital experiences across multiple channels. Web content management systems are morphing into digital experience management (DXM)
platforms that can connect, engage and target content to create personalized experiences. In this research note, we explore the importance of creating better digital experiences for customers.

For prospects and customers, digital experiences encompass all interactions in the social, mobile enterprise environment. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is the primary manager of the customer experience, and because business strategies are so deeply affected by customer and prospect engagement, the role of the
CMO has increased in significance and influence. CMOs and marketing professionals tell us how crucial providing the right digital experience is.

Note: This research note is part of our archived research.
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