Digital Transaction Management: The New Way Ahead for Digital Business

Author: Jim Lundy                                                                                Date: March 26, 2014
Topics: Digital Workplace, Transaction Management     Research Note Number: 2014-09

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Issue: How will enterprises innovate business processes using documented transactions? 

Abstract: Aragon Research is observing the emergence of a new, transformative category: Digital Transaction Management

Key Predictions: 

  • Currently a $500-700 million market, DTM will grow to $30 billion by YE 2020.
  • By YE 2015 DTM will be a strategic imperative at large enterprises, due to its impact on virtually all aspects of how a firm is measured and evaluated for business success.
  • 70% of large enterprises will have a DTM initiative underway or fully implemented by YE 2016.
  • Some verticals will move even more rapidly to an all-digital arena. For example, in the key financial services vertical, 90% of providers will offer DTM to consumers and business customers by YE 2017. 

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