Special Report: Digital Transformation in Sales Starts with Sales Engagement Platforms

The Fractured State of Sales Tools Will Change

Today’s sales professionals are challenged with engaging savvy customers in new ways. Trends that have recently proliferated the sales technology market include the rise of omni-channel selling, remote live pitches, mobile-first applications, increased use of video, and predictive technology.

However, the trend that will have the greatest impact on the sales professional’s productivity and success is the rise of the Sales Engagement Platform, a platform that streamlines and condenses all of the aforementioned trends and popular sales enablement applications to deliver a complete digital selling platform to sales representatives, sales managers, and marketers alike.

The Aragon Research Technology Arc for Sales and Marketing, 2016

  • What are some of the technologies that comprise the Sales Engagement Platform?
  • How do I know which ones I need when evaluating providers?

Technology Arc for Sales and MarketingOur second edition of the Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Sales and Marketing profiles 46 different technologies to help executives decide which technologies will be most beneficial to leverage. This report will help you to identify the important technologies that you want included in your Sales Engagement Platform.

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Digitize the Sales Force: Leverage Sales Engagement Platforms

  • How will the Sales Enablement market consolidate?
  • What is the definition of a Sales Engagement Platform?

digitize the sales forceThe Sales Engagement Platform is the new “Office for Sales”—i.e., everything your sales professionals need to sell digitally. This research note defines the criteria for what constitutes a Sales Engagement Platform, analyzes the key trends driving Sales Engagement Platforms, and gives you the insights you need to get started.

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The Aragon Research Globe for Sales Engagement Platforms, 2016

  • Who are the current Sales Engagement Platform providers?
  • Which provider(s) should I use?

aragon research globe for sales-engagement platforms 2016The Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Engagement Platforms covers the technology providers that allow an enterprise to manage all aspects and touch points of the sales process. These providers allow sales professionals to manage and share content in a multitude of forms, communicate with the customer via email, messaging, and video, and access predictive analytics that help sales teams understand what is happening in real-time. This research report will get you up to speed with the current SEP providers, along with their strengths and challenges, so that you can begin to formulate a list of providers who might be right for you.

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