Five Learning Trends for 2016: Video and the Rise of Just-in-Time Learning

Author: David Smith, Jim Lundy
Date: October 29, 2015
Topic: Learning & Talent Management
Research Note Number: 2015-39

Issue: What are the key trends in Learning and Talent Management?

SummaryThe Learning market is evolving with key trends in video and self-directed learning. Enterprises need to understand these trends and adjust their overall approach to learning.

The Learning market is undergoing a shift away from pure centralized delivery to a hybrid model that combines high quality onboarding and ongoing learning via Just-in-Time Video Tutorials. This shift is leading to the rise of the empowered learner.  Additionally, the ever-growing contingent workforce and the pressures on hiring managers to hire high quality candidates faster than before is accelerating the need for smart learning, and even Talent Management, platforms that include learning capabilities that can predict and recommend. In this research note, we discuss the five major trends in Corporate Learning.

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