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Headless Content Management System (CMS)

Headless content management system (CMS)—the legacy term for what we now refer to as dynamic experience management (DXM)—providers are device-agnostic when it comes to delivering content to a user. This represents a next-generation experience compared to traditional static CMS offerings.

Traditionally, content management has been integral to the marketing tech stack, involving running a website, managing the customer experience, and delivering browser-based content to customers. Headless CMS offerings will enable a more seamless customer journey and will address the problem of delivering certain types of content to certain devices.

As more devices come online (e.g., displays in stores, cars, and offices), a headless CMS will be able to provide dynamic content delivery. The need to deliver any content to any device based on dynamic profiles is the future, and headless CMS providers are on track to deliver that.