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Dynamic Experience Management (DXM)

Dynamic experience management (DXM), the new term for headless CMS, combines traditional customer-focused technologies with web content management and makes them multi-channel so that customer interactions maintain consistency. Besides web content management, DXM will also include e-commerce, social media, and sales communications to make visiting a company website a consistent and engaging experience.

Dynamic experience management goes beyond the traditional web approach to be device-independent when it comes to delivering a rich content experience for web visitors, regardless of the device used. This means separating the content from the viewing or presentation layer. The architecture means having a robust API that allows for the delivery of content to any device on the fly, which is why we refer to it as dynamic.

Today, this means that DXM is somewhat technical since it is a developer-first approach. That said, we expect it to become easier over time. Aragon predicts that DXM is the next generation of website management. We live in a constantly connected IoT world, in which any device can display information in real time.

Because so many potential buyers may want to act after visiting a website, part of the opportunity and the challenge of DXM is enabling a transaction (not just a sign-up). That puts e-commerce front and center in the DXM checklist. Today, many marketing suite providers are focused on DXM, but many have not delivered on that promise.

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