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Web Content Management (WCM)

Web Content Management (WCM), is the software or service used to manage the information on an enterprise website. Today, WCM is integrated into marketing suites, ECM suites, and the new category of digital experience management, but many enterprises still use best-of-breed WCM tools.

Marketers often need more from their website and this is one reason WCM is more strategic than ever. The site visitor’s experience is key, and while some WCM players focus on this, others focus more on making a site an effective marketing tool. Increasingly, certain WCM players are focusing on making mobile-friendly sites and building great mobile apps to enhance site access.

Representative Vendors: Acquia (Drupal), Adobe, Akumina, Amplience, Box, Censhare, CloudCMS, Contentful, Contentstack, Crownpeak, Elemeno, Episerver, e-Spirit, eZ Systems, IBM, Kentico Cloud, OpenText, Oracle, Prismic, Sitecore, Sitefinity and WordPress.