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Hot Vendors 2013, Part II

Summary: Aragon Research introduces Part II of our Special Report for Hot Vendors 2013.

In each of our topic coverage areas, we have identified vendors who are hot. They can be hot for several reasons, including:

  • the product or service offering.
  • a compelling new technology.
  • a compelling offering that leverages trending technologies such as cloud, content, mobile, or video.

For Part I of our 2013 Hot Vendor Special Report, we have identified 24 vendors in four categories. There are four different research notes that highlight each of the Hot Vendors. You can see the Hot Vendors in Part I of our Special Report here.

For Part II, we have one report on Hot Vendors in Social Business. It features five different vendors.

Hot Vendors in Social Business, 2013

Bloomfire      Crushpath      Kapta      SilkRoad      SmartRecruiters

Business leaders want answers to their problems and connecting people with information is what social business is all about. Our Hot Vendors in Social Business span the gamut from social intranet to social recruiting, and social CRM to social learning.

Note: This is part of Aragon’s archived research. Please visit our Coverage Areas page to view our most recent content.

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