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Hot Vendors 2013, Part I

Summary: Aragon Research introduces Part I of our Hot Vendor Special Report for 2013.

Our second annual Special Report on Hot Vendors is here. In fact we discovered enough Hot Vendors that we are publishing our Special Report in two parts.

In each of our topic coverage areas, we have identified vendors who are hot. They can be hot for several reasons, including:

  • the product or service offering.
  • a compelling new technology.
  • a compelling offering that leverages trending technologies such as cloud, content, mobile, or video.

For Part I of our 2013 Hot Vendor Special Report, we have identified 24 vendors in four categories. There are four different research notes that highlight each of the hot vendors.

Hot Vendors in Content Authoring, 2013

Brainshark        GoAnimate           Klablab          MZinga

With the explosion of tables and mobile devices, there also comes an insatiable demand for content that can be created quickly and easily. This year’s Hot Vendors in Content Authoring make the task of creating digital content easy.

Hot Vendors in Content Management and Collaboration, 2013

Accellion      Alfresco      Axceler      Percussion      SpringCM      WatchDox

Just as with content authoring, the demand for digital content is fueling the grow of the content management market. The big themes this year in content management are cloud, ease of use, integration, and security. Each of this year’s Hot Vendors in Content Management take on some or all of these themes.

Hot Vendors in Mobile, 2013

AnyPresence     Enterproid     Kleverbeast     moTwin     Smith Micro

BYOD and mobile apps continue to dominate the scene in mobile. We are seeing more interest in mobile apps and vendors are responding. Our 2013 Hot Vendors for Mobile make it easy for enterprises to get into the business of apps.

Hot Vendors in Real-time Collaboration and Communication, 2013

FuzeBox       iSpeech       Panopto       Sovee

The level of innovation going on in real-time collaboration and communications is nothing short of amazing. Synthetic voice, on-the-fly voice translation, video meetings on iPads, and video content management are just some of the innovations that our 2013 Hot Vendors are delivering on.

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