Hot Vendors in Digital Transaction Management, 2015

Author: Jim Lundy
Date: June 30, 2015
Topic: Digital Transaction Management
Research Note Number: 2015-22

Issue: Who are the Digital Transaction Management providers and how will they evolve?

Summary: The race to become a digital enterprise often involves looking at paper processes. This is where Digital Transaction Management comes into play. Our 2015 Hot Vendors in DTM are making a difference.

Digital Transformation is now the battle cry in the Executive Suite (see Note 1). The race to shift away from paper toward end-to-end Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is one of the fastest ways to head down the path toward a fully digital enterprise. The need to shift to a fully digital enterprise starts with paper. This Research Note identifies four Hot Vendors in DTM that are making a difference.

Paper Era is Winding Down

The paper era is winding down due to a number of factors, such as mobile computing, cloud-based services and e-signatures.  Making these transactions fully digital and being able to manage them through the lifecycle is what Digital Transaction Management is all about.

Process Complexity Can Vary

Some paper process are easy to take digital, while others have challenges.  In 2015, Aragon estimates that less than 12% of all document processes are fully digital. Sales in High Tech is clearly an area where there has been significant traction, as well as the overall category of Real Estate, one of the most paper intensive processes outside of Insurance contracts.

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