Hot Vendors in Human Resources, 2015

Author: David Mario Smith
Date: July 16, 2015
Topic: Social HCM
Research Note Number: 2015-27

Issue: Who are the Social HCM providers and how will they evolve?

Summary: Human Resources and the technologies that support it are dramatically evolving, resulting in a greater need for due diligence in technology decisions. Here we present four Hot Vendors in HR for 2015.

Digital Transformation is disrupting the HR market in every area. Cloud computing and mobility are causing dramatic shifts in how HR technology is provisioned and consumed. HR is at a crossroads, with explosive technologies like predictive analytics, machine learning and video impacting core work processes. Add to that a growing contingent workforce, and HR has to develop new management strategies.

Cloud and Mobile Disrupting HR

The cloud is democratizing access to many HR functions and capabilities. It also allows providers to blur the lines between back office and front office capabilities. There is a strong focus on analytics to improve HR processes and make them more efficient. Providers lacking in analytics will be challenged to succeed.

Most companies have HRMS systems that are over five years old. As providers push cloud-based offerings more, many enterprises are at a transition in looking for newer solutions. The cloud brings the benefit of not having to worry about dedicated maintenance and periodic software upgrades.

A major requirement that enterprises are pushing for is “better mobile apps.” Requirements have risen: buyers don’t want mobile apps that are just responsive versions of the site or traditional HR system. Users want “Mobile First” designs that provide a better user experience, easier navigation and improved efficiency.

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