Hot Vendors in Sales Enablement, 2015

Author: Jim Lundy                                                               Date: November 16, 2015
Topic: Sales Technology                                                      Research Note Number: 2015-42

Issue: Who are the vendors making a difference in Sales Technology?

Summary: Technology is making a difference in how sales teams engage with customers and manage the sales process. Our 2015 Hot Vendors in Sales Enablement provide tools to help sales organizations sell more effectively and more predictably.

Anyone who has managed or participated in any part of the enterprise sales process understands that it is a complex, multi-step process with a lot of moving parts, wherein many factors need to be coordinated to make a sale happen. The world has changed and buyers are savvy and cautious. The need to engage in just the right way is the new challenge for sales executives.

Sales Enablement is the term most often used to describe what sales leaders desire – to enable their salesforce to sell more. Today, there are more tools becoming available that are helping sales leaders to do just that. This Research Note provides an update to the state of the shift to digital selling and identifies three Hot Vendors who are making a difference in Sales Enablement.

The Why and How of Innovation in Sales

Enterprises are eager to innovate the sales process with new methods and tools to make connections happen in the context of the social media world we live in today. This can include everything from presentations to proposals to capturing and delivering the right knowledge to the right people at the right time.

Often, listening to and learning from leading Account Executives themselves can help pave the way forward when it comes to improving upon existing technologies and inventing new ones in the Sales Enablement space. Many providers have discovered this approach is highly effective and are making individual subscriptions available to allow salespeople to be the early adopters.

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