Hot Vendors in Structured Collaboration, 2015

Author: David Mario Smith
Date: July 15, 2015
Topic: Collaboration
Research Note Number: 2015-23

Issue: Who are the Collaboration providers and how will they evolve?

Summary: To pay off, collaboration has to make sense in the context of the surrounding business process. Our 2015 Hot Vendors in Structured Collaboration help integrate collaboration into enterprise workflows.

One of the challenges of collaboration over the years has been how to ensure that work actually gets done. Social Networks and discussion tools did not make the grade and heavy-duty project management tools were often hard to use and were avoided by users. Structured Collaboration helps the everyday user manage collaboration by putting each interaction into the context of the business process that it’s intended to propel. This research note identifies 3 Hot Vendors that are making the case for Structured Collaboration in the enterprise.

The key to adoption of collaboration products will be how well they integrate into the business process they are part of. Many business leaders use collaboration to support processes such as sales and marketing communications. Industries like healthcare and manufacturing have been early adopters to support workers in the field or on the plant floor or in hospitals. Manufacturers can collaborate with employees, customers and suppliers globally. Healthcare professionals can extend communications to remote locations, such as a patient’s home, and confer with other professionals in multiple locations to discuss patient issues.

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